Re: [Evolution] Compose/Preview Font Size

Thanks for the response, but yes, I have shut down Evolution and it
still hasn't had any effect.  I've gone as far as rebooting the system
but nothing happens as far as the font size.

John Welch
Systems Analyst
Brockway-Smith Co.

On Fri, 2001-10-12 at 13:20, Eric Lambart wrote:
Have you tried restarting Evolution after each font change?  IIRC, that
should take care of it...


On Fri, 2001-10-12 at 08:55, John Welch wrote:
  I am currently using Evolution 0.15.99 with KDE version 2.2.1.  I am
having trouble changing the font size/type that is used in both the
message preview display and also in the compose window.  A search of the
Ximian Knowledge Base for help with this indicates that in order to
change the font size I should go into Gnome Control Panel, and change
the font under the "HTML Viewer" section.  I have done this several
times without any luck.  The only affect I see when I do this is that
the message header (From:, To:, Subject:, etc.) changes, but not the
actual message text.  And nothing I do changes anything in the Compose
New Message display.  I am using control-center-  Any
help in addressing this problem would be greatly appreciated.  The text
in these windows is extremely small.  Other than that I love the
program.  Each release gets better and better.

John Welch
Systems Analyst
Brockway-Smith Co.

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