Re: [Evolution] NEW problem with Evo and encryption

On Fri, 2001-10-05 at 11:17, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
not only that, but even if we WERE to support sending in-line PGP, most
likely other clients would still break because we'd be too smart and
CRLFify/QP encode/From escape/etc the text before signing it but the
other mailers wouldn't expect this and so would still fail to verify
because they are BROKEN!

No one is asking (at least not on this thread) to be able to send
in-line PGP - all that's being requested is that I be able to respond to
messages sent by mailers that do, without having to do some arbitrary
cut-and-paste dance to quote in the reply.

To summarise: Evolution is not broken, the other mailers are.

Granted - agreed - no argument - and I (for one) don't want it to be
broken in it's behavior, just to "play nicely" with other (broken)
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