Re: [Evolution] NEW problem with Evo and encryption

This problem is not anything new, this has always been the case with
in-line PGP encrypted messages.

If you got a properly encrypted message (PGP/MIME), you'd be able to
reply via plain-text.

The problem with in-line pgp encrypted messages is that we have to do
evil hacks to detect and then decrypt the text and show it in the
viewer. When we go to reply, we use a different code path that looks for
the "message body" part and sends that off to the composer. It doesn't
do any evil hacks to decrypt pgp encrypted blocks.


On Thu, 2001-10-04 at 01:40, Ralph Sanford wrote:
A new problem has been spotted regarding the use of Evo and encrypted
email.  This is regarding email that is encrypted but does not contain
an attachment.

When encrypted email is received by evo there is a lock icon displayed
until the email is decrypted for display.  So far so good.  After
reading the displayed message it is decided to reply to the original
sender.  Hit the reply button and a new message window is opened with
the original message included EXCEPT that the original message that is
being quoted is now encrypted.  This is not so good, in fact this is not
workable.  It is impossible for me to type a comment into an encrypted
block of text.  Also the original poster does not know what his message
looks like after it is encrypted and since the original message was
encrypted to my public key then it is not possible for him to open it
anyhow.  Once the message has been decrypted by me for my use then I
should be able to send it to whomever I choose in plain, decrypted text
or encrypted IF I so choose.

I believe this was handled correctly in Evo 0.13 it is incorrect in 0.14
and 0.15

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