Re: [Evolution] Features

Christopher James Lahey <clahey ximian com> writes:
The point is that he wants all private messages to appear as proper
threads.  Not just those with important people.  He may also not want a
separate folder for each person.
It might be nice to be able to turn this on for all outgoing messages as
a configuration setting.  One problem with that is that you would then
get message duplication with mailing lists.  I'm not sure what to do
about that, and it may be enough to cause this to not be a useable
feature.  Perhaps if it's a per folder setting that would be acceptable.

Indeed, that's what I understand, too. And I can only second that. In
Gnus I have around 20 folders for people I regulary correspond with
and a bit "catch all others" (plus a lot of mailing list folders).

All the personal mail folders are set to save the replies into the
folder the replied to mail is stored in. All mailinglist folders are
set to _not_ store the mail at all (as I will get it anyway).

This happens to be the only convenient way to work with my mailing
habbits, and I know a lot of people here that work the same way. 


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