Re: [Evolution] Features

On 16 Jun 2001 02:03:06 +0930, Not Zed wrote:
I dunno, the 'quick search' function will do this.  Sure its a little
bit of manual work, but not much ...  Actually you can save the searches
too, so this may well provide what you want.  e.g. you just select "mail
from joe bloggs" and voila, its there, and everything else gets hidden,
and that can be applied to any active folder (you can use vfolders to
merge all your folders into one if you want).

If I understand correctly (some messages in this thread seem to be in
private mail,) he also wants Mail To Joe Bloggs From him which would be
in a different folder.  The point is he wants the Sent Mail folder to
effectively be the folder of the message being responded to.  Or perhaps
to save a copy in both that folder and the Sent Mail folder.  Thus all
such messages would appear well threaded.

And surely you're not converfsing with enough important people to make
vfolders **that** impractical a solution here (e.g. less than say 30

The point is that he wants all private messages to appear as proper
threads.  Not just those with important people.  He may also not want a
separate folder for each person.  I could easily see having a Marketing
folder perhaps where all your private messages in the guise of marketing
would go.  You would want to see your sent messages as well as the
received message.  Even more so, I could see wanting to have a Personal
folder where you put messages from friends and where you want your
responses to appear.

It might be nice to be able to turn this on for all outgoing messages as
a configuration setting.  One problem with that is that you would then
get message duplication with mailing lists.  I'm not sure what to do
about that, and it may be enough to cause this to not be a useable
feature.  Perhaps if it's a per folder setting that would be acceptable.

I could be wrong.  I'm slightly confused about this thread as I don't
see the messages from Kjartan in my Evolution mailing list VFolder.

I apologize in advance if this message is redundant.


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