Re: [Evolution] Features

On 16 Jun 2001 02:03:06 +0930, Not Zed wrote:
I dunno, the 'quick search' function will do this.  Sure its a little
bit of manual work, but not much ...  Actually you can save the
too, so this may well provide what you want.  e.g. you just select
from joe bloggs" and voila, its there, and everything else gets
and that can be applied to any active folder (you can use vfolders to
merge all your folders into one if you want).

I agree. As a matter of fact I have a virtual folder containing all my
local email and I do searches on it all the time (16K messages and it is
so damn fast guys, very good job). I can find messages this way a lot
faster than figuring out which folder contains what, especially when
emails are between several people... And yes, I have saved searches...

However, this could have been made a lot easier if there was a "sender
or recepient" search item in the pull down search menu. To narrow down
to threads with a friend, I either have to settle with "sender" search
or do an advanced search which is not that convenient.


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