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I dunno, the 'quick search' function will do this.  Sure its a little
bit of manual work, but not much ...  Actually you can save the searches
too, so this may well provide what you want.  e.g. you just select "mail
from joe bloggs" and voila, its there, and everything else gets hidden,
and that can be applied to any active folder (you can use vfolders to
merge all your folders into one if you want).

And surely you're not converfsing with enough important people to make
vfolders **that** impractical a solution here (e.g. less than say 30

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Assuming they all have the same subject line. And I'd have to set up
vfolders, one for each person I'm corresponding with, to get this

While powerful, I don't think vfolders would be very well suited to this

No, it's more a matter of having a "button", or whatever, in the message
(outlook only has it if you open the message in a separate window) that
does a query on the subject of the specific message you run it from and
lists all messages with that specific subject.

Right; but if I change the subject line, that can cause aggravations. Also,
I'd want different vfolders based on whichever person I'm corresponding
with, which means making many vfolders.

Anyway ... guess that's up to the developers.


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