[Evolution] Evo usable as daily/regular mail app?

I've been following Evolution for a few releases now, and have tried it since maybe four releases ago. .8 seems pretty close. I realize there are disclaimers on the Ximian site and so forth about Evolution not being released yet, and still buggy, blah blah blah.

What I'm wondering is how people feel about using it as their normal mail reader? Evolution is very appealing to me (ok, truth be told, I used to be an Outlook user on Windows). Mozilla is too slow, and annoys me with how it marks messages read just because their subject line gets selected. It also has some bugs, etc. I've looked at Balsa, gmail, and Pronto, but each have a couple things that seem to make me resist switching to those; plus I just think Evo is cool.

So, what do people think? My setup would be using POP, and I'd want to make decent use of filters, multiple mail folders (and nested folders), be able to read (and sometimes write) HTML mail, and have it be pretty quick, even with hundres or thousands of emails in the various folders.

Is it reasonable to use the CVS version for daily use, or are the snapshots more stable? I'm fine with building it from CVS. If people do think it's good to use, what precautions should I take? e.g. cron job to do a backup of the evolution folder on a nightly basis (or more?). How about the vfolder stuff, is that pretty stable now?

I know this could raise some real debate, etc., and that the list is likely biased towards the positive side. But, I really just want to get people's general feeling (and hopefully it's a "yes - use it").

Chris Bailey            chrisb wego com
Wego Systems            http://www.wego.com

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