Re: [Evolution] Evo usable as daily/regular mail app?

Well, as another ex-Outlook user, I'll tell you that I now am using
Evolution for all my day-to-day email.  There are a few things I miss
about Outlook (and some things I don't) but overall, I'm comfortable
with Evo.  I didn't find preview .8 to be quite right but after trying a
few nightly snapshots, I found one whch worked fine for me.  There are
some features in the even newer nightly snapshots which would be nice
but I decided to stick with what is working for me at the moment.  The
filtering is pretty good and vfolders are handy.  Overall, the html mail
and mime handling is fine although I sometimes receive an HTML message
which doesn't display in Evo.   Also, I haven't gotten the spell
checking working and I do miss the pilot conduits which I hope will work
soon (or perhaps they are in the latest nightly snapshots), but overall
I can live with Evo in the current state.  It will only get better.  I'm
much happier not to have my email in a proprietary format.

On 01 Feb 2001 15:05:26 -0800, Chris Bailey wrote:
What I'm wondering is how people feel about using it as their normal 
mail reader?  Evolution is very appealing to me (ok, truth be told, I 
used to be an Outlook user on Windows).  Mozilla is too slow, and annoys 
me with how it marks messages read just because their subject line gets 
selected.  It also has some bugs, etc.  I've looked at Balsa, gmail, and 
Pronto, but each have a couple things that seem to make me resist 
switching to those; plus I just think Evo is cool.

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