Re: [Evolution] Evo usable as daily/regular mail app?

switching to those; plus I just think Evo is cool.

Yeah, Evo is cool.  I have been useing Evo as my only mail client (I
lie, pine when an evo release has a problem with atachments) since 0.0

But, I dont care that much about my mail as I use evo from home (MS only

It has been up and down, it's a bit down now on the latest snapshot I
use, but thats to be expected.  The only precaution I use is to make a
copy of my mail spool before trying a new snapshot.

So, what do people think?  My setup would be using POP, and I'd want
make decent use of filters, multiple mail folders (and nested
be able to read (and sometimes write) HTML mail, and have it be pretty
quick, even with hundres or thousands of emails in the various

I use fetchmail to grab from my ISP over night (and any time I go on
line).  It's probably the best option on a dial up, then evo reads from
the local mail spool.  It works realy really well (note for those who
care: though I don't like the new window that shows the import progress,
I prefered this info in the status bar, thats what I think a status bar
is for).

I use the vFolders all the time.  I sort my incomming mail into one
folder for Friends and Family, one for Work, and one for lists.  Any
else (read SPAM) is left in the Inbox.  I then have vFolders setup for
each mailing list or special friends etc.  It works, but not perfect
yet, but it works really well.  Well enough that I suspect it's my setup
thats causeing the problem rather than a bug (there is only one small
problem with one mailing list)

If you are a serious maiu feind, try Evo, but back up your incomming
mail.  Find a version of Evo that works well and keep it for a few
weeks.  I change mine about once a week since the snapshots started, but
like I said I don't care too much about mail and addresses loses etc.
My partner Leanne on the other hand I still have useing Netscape.  If I
lost her mail or a single address I would die a slow slow death (like I
did last winter!)

Try evo, be carefull, but give it a reall go.  It's only going to get
better  (but YOU KNEW that already, right?)

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