[Evolution] Date format, send crashes and strange behaviour of the Composer Window


It seems like there is no way to change tthe format of how the date is
in the Date-field? I really would like the 24h format not the am/pm

I use the latest snapshot and I have now had problems when sending
The mail is sent ok, but the mail-window  crashes and therefore the mail
is not included in the "Sent"-folder....

There is also something strange with the composer window. When you use
the tab to move from field to field it gets kind off out of sync. The
cursos blinks
in one field, but the text is written elsewhere.

(Still wonder if I really am the only one with the "Open in external

Tony Lindström - System Specialist - Tekla Oyj
Koronakatu 1 - 02210 Espoo - Finland
http://www.tekla.com - +358-40-7620768

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