Re: [Evolution] Things I'd like to see (and implement)

On 1 Feb 2001, Ross Burton wrote:

On 31 Jan 2001 19:42:03 -0800, Mike Strock wrote:

o When a message is deleted, expunge the folder
o When a message is moved from one folder to another, expunge the folder it
was moved from (instead of marking the message as deleted)

No!  There is an option under View - "Hide Deleted Messages" for this.
Expunging a 1000 message folder across a slow IMAP connection every time
a message is deleted will kill the responsiveness - expunge when you have
finished dealing with the folder.

I hear you about not expunging - that's actually pretty wise. However,
I'd like to offer a suggestion about "Hide Deleted Messages"

It's not a toggle - and so when I go delete a few messages, I then
have to go to the menu and click on it as an action. Frankly, (even
knowing they're not being expunged) I don't want to deal with that
message anymore (once deleted) and so if "Hide Deleted Messages" was a
[configuration or otherwise] toggle one could just click it on and
leave it that way. (Perhaps expunging once in a while when I felt the

Of course, there is also the comment about delete taking you to the
next message automatically, but others have asked for that far more
eloquently than I...

o Ability to have a 'From' and a 'Reply To' field which are different. 

Settings -> Mail Configuration -> Edit.  There is a reply-to field - is
it broken or didn't you know about it?

1) Ever since evo went to the druid for adding new accounts, the
existence of this field is only obvious if you go and edit a profile
*after* adding it. (I only just saw it there). 'Cause it's not in the
druid, you don't realize it's still an option. Suggestion - either
have the druid comment about this, or better yet, beside "Finished"
have and "Edit" or "Advanced" button which would take you to the edit
screen for more detailed configuration.

2) Just changing Reply-To: is insufficient - I really do need to be
able to simulate sending messages from work (as I did from pine
for this message) in which a hacked "From: " as well as "Reply-To: "
is necessary.


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