Re: [Evolution] Things I'd like to see (and implement)

On 31 Jan 2001 19:42:03 -0800, Mike Strock wrote:

I'm not a developer on Evo but though I might comment anyway.

o When a message is deleted, expunge the folder
o When a message is moved from one folder to another, expunge the folder it
was moved from (instead of marking the message as deleted)

No!  There is an option under View - "Hide Deleted Messages" for this.
Expunging a 1000 message folder across a slow IMAP connection every time
a message is deleted will kill the responsivness - expunge when you have
finished dealing with the folder.

o Ability to have a 'From' and a 'Reply To' field which are different.  My
DSL provider requires that I have a '' instead of my
'' in the FROM field when sending mail through their server.  But I
want replies to go to my main (stable) mail account which is
the '' account.

Settings -> Mail Configuration -> Edit.  There is a reply-to field - is
it broken or didn't you know about it?

o Get rid of the dialog that shows up to tell me how many messages were
downloaded (maybe move this status to the status bar instead?)

I'd prefer this just to disappear when done, actually.  And there should
only every be one of these dialogs - it is trivial to have many at the
moment (press get mail several times)

o Ability to right click on a message in the list pane and 'add sender
to address book'

Hear hear!

o Ability to turn the preview pane off

The splitter pane can be moved to the bottom of the window so that it is
not visible for now, but I suppose it is still active.


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