Re: [Evolution] can't send attachments

On 01 Feb 2001 12:01:54 +0100, Xavier Bestel wrote:

I think I've seen a thread on this subject, but I don't remember very well.
I use yesterday's snapshot, and I can't send attachments - 'invalid
parameter', I think this one comes from my sendmail (on my laptop). However
previous (PR8 and before) versions of Evo didn't have this problem, and
Balsa still sends attachments happily (luckily for me !), so I don't think
it's my local sendmail's fault.

There was some discussion of this when I reported the problem, but no
final word from the developers. It is only a problem for sendmail-direct
delivery, SMTP delivery works fine. It appears to be a problem with all
long messages. The first 10k or so of the message are actually sent even
though the error dialog pops up.

-- F

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