Re: [Evolution] LDAP support - legal issues

Can we please just stop this thread? Like it or not it is *not*
compatable with the GPL so give it a rest. If you don't believe it then
ask Richard Stallman at the FSF. Since he says it's incompatable, we are
not going to link with it.

I really don't want to be discussing legal dribble anymore.

Heh. I think you mean "drivel".

I would suggest that Matthew forward a request to ... whoever accepts
legal-oriented email for Ximain, asking that person (who is surely a lawyer,
or can contact Ximian's laywers) to verify wether or not it's legal. That is
more their job than the folks on this list. We might raise legal questions;
the legal staff shuld be the definite source of legal and licensing matters.

Anybody know if there's such an email as legal ximian com that Matthew can
post his questions to? Or a specific individual at Ximian who should be
contacted, as to licensing issues with Ximian products?

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