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Go read the page i referenced earlier.

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On 10 Apr 2001 10:20:28 -0500, Matthew Vanecek wrote:
On 10 Apr 2001 12:18:05 +0930, Not Zed wrote:
For now, you will HAVE to compile it yourself, we cannot distribute such
binaries as it voilates the license we have chosen to use for Evolution
- the GPL.

Simply because the  Oh-So-Powerful-And-Wonderful FSF says that a license
is incompatible with the GPL does not necessarily make it so.  I read
the OpenLDAP license, such as it is, and I fail to see the conflict.
You're not saying "Use Evolution because it supports OpenLDAP!"
(although I have trouble seeing how one could POSSIBLY consider
Evolution a derivative work from OpenLDAP!), and you don't call your
product "OpenLDAP Evolution" or "Evolution-OpenLDAP" or anything like

The only possible obstacle I could detect (using a VERY large leap and
twisting as hard as I could, to make it an obstacle), is in section 6 of
the OpenLDAP license--you must give OpenLDAP due credit.  Well, duh!
("We used OpenLDAP at"; -- problem solved!).

Distributing binary distributions of Evolution linked to OpenLDAP is not
a problem because:

        * Evolution is not a derivative work of OpenLDAP
        * Even if Evolution *were* a derivative work, it does not use
          the name "OpenLDAP" for promotional purposes
        * Even if Evolution *were* a derivative work, it does not use
          "OpenLDAP" anywhere in its name
        * There are no restrictions in the OpenLDAP license on
          distributing code which is linked to the OpenLDAP libraries,
          nor are the re-distribution restrictions of OpenLDAP
          incompatible with GPL (redistribution must contain a copy of
          the copyright notice--sounds vaguely GPL-ish to me...)

I've read the GPL as distributed by Evoluiton (v2, 1991), and the
OpenLDAP license
(, both several
times, and I fail to see the conflict.

I caution you to pay less attention to RMS and more attention to
reality.  The two are not always in sync with each other...

Matthew Vanecek
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