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  • [Evolution-hackers] [PATCH] Adding execversion to evolution-shell.pc, Jules Colding
  • [Evolution-hackers] asterisk plug-in for Evolution, Ron Arts
  • Re: [Evolution-hackers] missing dep in configure, Philip Van Hoof
  • [Evolution-hackers] IMAP summary synchronization improvements, Philip Van Hoof
  • [Evolution-hackers] A plugin for remove attachments., Rex Tsai
  • [Evolution-hackers] Reviewing imap_update_summary, Philip Van Hoof
  • [Evolution-hackers] Evolution Data Server - Java or .Net bindings, Maciej Piechotka
  • [Evolution-hackers] multiple inbox, Davide Corio
  • [Evolution-hackers] New memory analysis related to Camel, Philip Van Hoof
  • [Evolution-hackers] [UPDATE] Evolution released, Harish Krishnaswamy
  • [Evolution-hackers] sorting out bugs by taking a look at the dup count, Andre Klapper
  • [Evolution-hackers] Uninitialized item.type in build_items (widgets/misc/e-filter-bar.c), Pavel Roskin
  • Re: [Evolution-hackers] [evolution-patches] The differences between camel-lite and normal camel, Jules Colding
  • [Evolution-hackers] Building Evolution Exchange from HEAD / with Evolution 2.9.x, Harish Krishnaswamy
  • [Evolution-hackers] Exchange OWA using Cookie Authorisation, Peter Newman
  • [Evolution-hackers] [ANNOUNCE} Evolution 2.9.1 and Evolution-Data-Server 1.9.1 released, Harish Krishnaswamy
  • [Evolution-hackers] Evolution and friends branched for 2.16, Harish Krishnaswamy
  • [Evolution-hackers] OWA with "SessionGuard", R. Tate
  • [Evolution-hackers] automated testing of Evolution data server with SyncEvolution, Patrick Ohly
  • [Evolution-hackers] gnome-2-16 branch, Andre Klapper
  • [Evolution-hackers] http://gnome.org/projects/evolution/, guenther
  • [Evolution-hackers] Recurrence ID?, Jules Colding
  • [Evolution-hackers] Major changes to Camel for tinymail requirements, Philip Van Hoof
  • Re: [Evolution-hackers] Setting default smtp server in evolution, Karl Relton
  • [Evolution-hackers] Setting default smtp server in evolution programatically, Peter Gordon
  • [Evolution-hackers] Sender photo in email display, Riccardo Lancellotti
  • [Evolution-hackers] Strings missing in Evolution, Francisco Javier F. Serrador
  • [Evolution-hackers] memory usage in evolution 2.8.0 and disk usage, Abylai Ospan

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