[Epiphany] Re: "Web Browser"

Luis Villa writes:
> Speaking from a project perspective, I'd like to see the gnome web
> browser (whatever that turns out to be) be 'web browser' and let the
> distributions rename it to something else if they choose to ship another
> web browser, not the other way around. Our stuff should ship with good
> defaults- if the distros choose to break it, that's their problem. 
> [That said, wanting to have some personality by calling the app
> something 'special' is one of those things that I have no problem with.
> We are in this for fun, and getting to say 'I work on $MY_PROJECT'
> instead of 'I work on $GENERIC_NAME' is one of those small ways we have
> fun.] 

Luis I very much agree with your comments about the gnome vs. distro issue 
that is here, and I of course favor doing what is best for gnome in the ui 
(even when I disagree sometimes). As far as epiphany the "project" goes, 
from the conversation here it seems that Marco would prefer to use just "Web 
Browser" since we are in it for the fun of making a good ui. Anyway I've 
said my peace and i'm going to shut-up now :) 


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