[Epiphany] Re: ui improvement requests

Hello Dave,

On Thu, 22 May 2003, David Adam Bordoley wrote:

> > Remember that more often than not, the X selection won't contain a valid
> > URL so no real harm is done. If this happens; the choice is to ignore it
> > or to show an informational window about the invalid URL (I'd prefer the
> > former, less intrusive).
> Which kind of makes me think that scrolling is a much more commonly used
> feature than pasting urls (95% vs. 0.01%).

I don't really see the connection here, but common sense dictates that
scrolling is indeed much more commonly used than pasting urls. When
accessing these functions, my observation is that people tend to use the
menus despite the availability of shortcuts or toolbars.

> I agree but alot of people (just from viewing what i consider to be normal
> windows users) do use the scroll wheel to scroll. Maintaining a physical
> connection between the mouse wheel button and scrolling is a good idea imo.

Can't argue with that one...


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