Re: [Epiphany] Re: "Web Browser"

On Wed, May 21, 2003 at 11:59:10PM -0400, David Adam Bordoley wrote:
> I think of the name "Epiphany" as more of a code name than a user visible 
> name. There is a pretty good chance that if we become the default gnome web 
> browser, our uservisible name will just be "Gnome Web Browser" and the app 
> will be launchable from the command line using gnome-web-browser. This was a 
> suggestion from seth, so i'm fairly certain it will happen eventually. 
> Epiphany is aiming for good gnome integration. Apps such as Gedit use Text 
> Editor for instance so i don't really think this is an issue for stock 
> gnome. If distro's want to change this, they're of course welcome
> to.

The HIG says you should name it "Foo Web Browser" "Foo Text Editor"
etc. with maybe an escape hatch for things like Calculator that don't
need a Foo.

I don't really think Foo=GNOME is appropriate; apps should be able to
run under any desktop, and it's confusing if an app has the same name
as the desktop environment in that case. gnome-foo is fine when
something's part of a desktop or if something is a Calculator
(Foo=nothing), but seems silly for big applications.

"Epiphany Web Browser" is a good name IMO.


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