[Epiphany] Re: "Web Browser"

Steve Salazar writes: 

> Sorry, I don't mean to bombard this list with comments but I've just 
> started using epiphany. 
> Anyway,  I was wondering why it is that Epiphany registers itself as 
> simply "Web Browser" instead of Epiphany or at least "Epiphany Web 
> Browser".  I do get that Epiphany by itself is not descriptive and in 
> theory users don't really care what their web browser's name is  (my 
> mother calls explorer "the blue e on my desktop"), however almost all 
> linux installations have more than one web browser installed.  Would 
> "Epiphany Web Browser" be too verbose?  I think the distinction is useful 
> and does not add any mental overhead for the user.  The only drawback I 
> can see is just the length of the string. 
I think of the name "Epiphany" as more of a code name than a user visible 
name. There is a pretty good chance that if we become the default gnome web 
browser, our uservisible name will just be "Gnome Web Browser" and the app 
will be launchable from the command line using gnome-web-browser. This was a 
suggestion from seth, so i'm fairly certain it will happen eventually. 

Epiphany is aiming for good gnome integration. Apps such as Gedit use Text 
Editor for instance so i don't really think this is an issue for stock 
gnome. If distro's want to change this, they're of course welcome to. 


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