Re: [Epiphany] Re: "Web Browser"

> The hig doesn't suggest foo.
> u-item-names 
> It says to include a functional description. It also says to remove 
> non-essential information from menu names. "Epiphany" is non-essential 
> information imo. [1] I want to open my "Web Browser." Any sane distro will 
> label the default browser "Web Browser" (like redhat does for mozilla 
> currently). If distros want to include multiple browsers, than imo they 
> should be responsible for changing the label not us. 
> dave 
> [1] The current names used by the above mentioned apps were changed during 
> the writing of teh 1.0 HIG so they are definately in the spirit of the HIG.

Dave, I agree in principle but I think in practice this is going to be a
There is more than one browser for linux and certainly all distros are
going to ship more than one of them. The easier solution is probably to
have the project name in the .desktop and let distributors rename the
one they ship by default.


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