[Epiphany] "Web Browser"

Sorry, I don't mean to bombard this list with comments but I've just started 
using epiphany.

Anyway,  I was wondering why it is that Epiphany registers itself as simply 
"Web Browser" instead of Epiphany or at least "Epiphany Web Browser".  I do 
get that Epiphany by itself is not descriptive and in theory users don't 
really care what their web browser's name is  (my mother calls explorer "the 
blue e on my desktop"), however almost all linux installations have more 
than one web browser installed.  Would "Epiphany Web Browser" be too 
verbose?  I think the distinction is useful and does not add any mental 
overhead for the user.  The only drawback I can see is just the length of 
the string.

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