[Epiphany] Re: "Web Browser"

Marco Pesenti Gritti writes: 

> If we need a Foo then I agree it should be Epiphany.
> I dont think it's useful to expose the desktop concept (as intended in
> Linux) on the user interface. 
> Marco 

I don't think foo is necessary at all no one complains about these apps 
which also have various other kde/unix equivalents: 

1. gedit - Text Editor
2. gnome-calculator - Calculator
3. Gnome Dict - Dictionayr
4. EOG - Image Viewer
5. Gnome PDF - PDF File Viewer
6. Rhythmbox - Music Player
7. gnome cd player - CD Player
8. gnome system monitor - system monitor
9. yelp - help
10. nautilus - Home Folder
...the list goes on. 

In fact imo the apps that do use "app name app type" style names make 
finding the app harder since I have to recognize some pointless code name 
"gnumeric" when I'm really just looking for my "Spreadsheet" program. 

Using the app name in almost all cases, leads to decreased usability but 
increased marketability (see the windows start menu). If distros want to 
change the default menu titles, they are welcome too, but i see no reason 
for us to break our menu label here. 


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