Re: [Epiphany] Re: Re: Download Manager

On Wed, 2003-08-06 at 03:29, Peter Harvey wrote:
> What does Cut do? If I Move the file, what actually gets moved? When I
> use Delete, does that remove the file from the disk, or not? If I use
> Duplicate, where is the file duplicated?

It really isn't such a huge problem. That's Nautilus you're talking
about, not Epiphany, so it should be discussed somewhere else, but
basically, treat such a virtual downloaded files folder exactly as you
would treat a virtual search results folder (in fact, it could BE a
search results, if we had searchable extended attributes).

That is, whatever operation you perform within that folder will affect
real file. If you use a list view to look at this folder, you will see
an extra column "Real file location".

Osma Ahvenlampi <>

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