[Epiphany] Re: Re: Download Manager

Op Tue, 05 Aug 2003 13:28:39 +1000, schreef Peter Harvey:

> I don't see the need for Nautilus to handle point 2. The current Epiphany
> download manager lists files that I am currently downloading, and files
> that have been downloaded. Why not add a "Find" or "Open Folder" to such a
> download manager, which opens Nautilus on the folder that contains the
> file which was downloaded?

Look at it the other way around. Downloading a file is essentially no
different from copying a file over the network. Nautilus has familiar
feedback for this kind of action. Then why implement a separate progress
window, nowhere near as capable as a real nautilus view?

> manage the files? Change their icons? Rename them? Or do I just want to
> find them?

I second Osma's reply. Of course I want to do stuff with the files I
just downloaded. If it's a movie, for instance, I want to double click it
so it opens in Totem. If it's a PDF downloaded from CiteSeer I will
likely want to rename it. You can think up any examples you like.

See also the discussion under bug 117641.



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