[Epiphany] Re: Two issues...

Steve Salazar writes: 

> tab does not break accessibility keynav if the dropdown address field is 
> properly implemented.  Each item in the dropdown *is* a widget.  Tab 
> should navigate through them just like every other widge and then when you 

I'm not an a11y expert, however BillH at sun is, and has consistently said 
that using tab breaks expected keynav for blind users. I have to take his 
word on this. Anyway in gtk2.4 there will be a standard combo widget which 
will use and all behavior should be implemented in it proper. 

> How is this not a "cancel find" operation?  How is keyboard accessability 
> supported by this indecision?  It sounds like "cancel" should be changed 
> to "dismiss".  I guess this it tough because of the instant apply thing. 

As i recall calum's comments on the bug ammounted to cancel != close, but I 
may be misqouting him so you should reference and comment on the bug. 


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