Re: [Ekiga-list] Hacking: ekiga-callto: Yet another update

Ive dropped new RPM:s and tarball at From the changelog:

* Sat Feb 14 2009  Alec Leamas <leamas bredband net>  0.2.13-1
 - New dialog for editing ambiguous numbers before calling.
 - Installed new testpage:
 - Improved number identification.
 - New versioning scheme, svn-versioned tarballs.
 - Suse (11.2) and Mandriva (2009.9) RPM  support.

The big news is a dialog giving user a chance to review the guess the system does. The number recognition has also improved a lot.

There s also a single javascript file. This should work on Windows, will convert phone numbers into links. However, this means that users are on their own to find an application which can handle the callto: URL:s. Unfortunately, Ekiga as of today is not such an application.

Feedback welcome. As always, need help with localisations. I'm also interested in URL:s containing phone numbers which are not handled correct. Thr README (big update) has information about new build instructions, perfomance etc.



Eugen Dedu wrote:
About the phone number format, is useful to you?

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