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Le lundi 02 février 2009 à 23:55 -0800, john_re a écrit :
> Is there a web page or faq that lists the characteristics of the
> VOIP conference server?


> If not, will you please tell me:

Seems all valid requests:

> 1) Who owns it?

Damien Sandras. Ever is some people do have account and administer the
server, I guess it is mainly under Damien's responsibility. Damien?

> 2) who manages it?

Damien Sandras, Jan AKA TheBonsai

> 3) where is the hw?

In France... My own country.

> 4) what general & special purpose hw does it use?

Nothing fancy, just regular hw for a server. I'm not sure to truly
understand your point here...

> 5) what sw does it run?

The nice part:
Running on GNU/Linux
+ LAMP service
-> dedicated user interface in PHP under GPL

I'm currently working on a new user interface using Drupal

In short:
The whole software stack is open source.

> 6) what is its network connectivity?

I do not know how much exactly.

> 6b) what is the maximum conference participants it can handle

I've no clue. I personally tested up to something like 10.

> 6c) can it now, or will it in the future, handle video conferencing?

Jan? Damien?

> 7) What issues should one be aware of in attempting to create a global
> conference? Ex: USA & India?

It is numeric communication. Thus geographical mesures need to be
reconsidered. It mostly depends on the underlying net infrastructure.

I do not know's own limits in this regard.

> 7b) to ensure acceptable quality from multi continents, what can be
> done? Including, network providers with good VOIP quality TOS?

Are you considering professional use of the service?
> Thanks  :)

Hope that helps.


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