[Ekiga-list] Ekiga.net VOIP conference server info

Is there a web page or faq that lists the characteristics of the
ekiga.net VOIP conference server?

If not, will you please tell me:

1) Who owns it?
2) who manages it?
3) where is the hw?
4) what general & special purpose hw does it use?
5) what sw does it run?
6) what is its network connectivity?
6b) what is the maximum conference participants it can handle
6c) can it now, or will it in the future, handle video conferencing?
7) What issues should one be aware of in attempting to create a global
conference? Ex: USA & India?
7b) to ensure acceptable quality from multi continents, what can be
done? Including, network providers with good VOIP quality TOS?

Thanks  :)


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