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Yes. Thanks!


Eugen Dedu wrote:
About the phone number format, is useful to you?


Alec Leamas wrote:
I have updated the packages, fixed numerous installation bugs, added Ubuntu installation docs ( in README). Same url: contains RPM:s and tar.gz

Bear in mind that is a home server, with a limited amount of 9's describing the availability ;-) Retry, that is, when it doesn't work.

Answers below

yannick wrote:
Le samedi 07 février 2009 à 10:29 +0100, Damien Sandras a écrit :
Le vendredi 06 février 2009 à 00:08 +0100, Alec Leamas a écrit :
I've been busy some evenings creating scripts to make ekiga calls from web pages. I am at a point where I can click on any phone number in a web page to make ekiga call this number.

Unfortunately, most "real" phone numbers are not given in the standard, international form. So I have faced the need to add missing countrycodes for numbers missing it. This implies a need to configure countrycode etc for the users. There is a simple form for this.

If anyone is interested, the scripts are available as rpm and tar.gz packages at . Also, if anyone think it's worth the effort, some new localisations would be really nice. The README covers how to use the
Thanks for this work!

Yannick, could we link to this from the wiki together with the
web buttons?

Here it is:

Alec, I've a few questions for you:

1- Can you provide a screenshot ;)
Well, I could, but it's sort of meaningless.. just a normal webpage. The trick is the "clickability" of the page, but this is not easy to show in a screenshot. But I see what you mean, thinking...have to think more. Maybe three pages, one without links, one with, and a third showing ekiga calling the link?
2- Is there an official (i mean public) way to contact you for
It's possible to upload things to And there is leamas.alec(at)
2- It this application portable to windows? (Mac OS
3- What is the coding langage used ?
Most likely, yes., it's python and javascript. MacOS shoud definitely be OK. Not all window users have python in place, I guess.

Among other things, it would be really nice with some more localisations. Just grab the po/en_GB.po file, fill in the 12 lines and submit them to me...

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