Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Script to compile 3.0 SVN version on Linux

Peter Robinson a écrit :
Does MacOS X come with a built-in SIP app, like it comes with a
built-in email app?
Yes, iChat, but its network is closed. :(
I've read that SIp is only used to established the RTP session But it can't
register to any SIp server I guess ?

So it's no Sip client built in and it's a shame, Xmeeting is the one for

Nope, no native OSX SIP client. With some of the major advances in
gstreamer on both OSX and Windows its a pity that we don't have an
audio/video gstreamer plugin as it would take away the pain in a lot
of circumstances. One plugin that can support gnome, windows and OSX
out of the box.

You can try bugging the gstreamer developpers on bug #413418 if you want... they have a bug report, a simple test showing the problem, a few developpers telling how useful that would be for them (ekiga, swfdec), they acknowledge it's important, but they don't move...


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