Re: Easytag won't start from desktop icon

Hi Steven

On 2015-08-10 15:22, Steven P. Ulrick <meow8282 gmail com> wrote:
The only way that I can successfully start Easytag is from a terminal.
So, there is no error messages that I could possibly send you.  So the
questions are:
1. How to output debug information when you just click directly on an
executable when trying to start said executable.
2. How to output debug information when clicking on the appropriate item
on my desktop.  Also, is there a way to run/execute a desktop file from
a terminal?

How you get logs depends on your logging setup. If you are using traditional syslog, then there is probably a file in /var/log (probably /var/log/messages), or possibly .xsession-errors in your home directory. If you are using a journal-based (systemd) setup, you can use journalctl to inspect your logs.

You should either look for something referring to easytag.desktop (which would generally correspond to messages from the running application) or messages from your session manager or desktop shell about failures to launch the application from the desktop file.

If you are after build/install logs, you can find those here:

Thanks! Everything seems to be as expected with the build logs.

I really suspect that since I have installs of easytag going all the way
back to May 11th that all exhibit this behavior that the issue is on my
end, not with Easytag.  But like I said in my original email on this
subject, I am not having this issue with any other applications.

That was around the time of the 2.3.7 release, although that release was mainly a refactoring of the UI internals, not related to application startup.


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