Mouse wheel zooming (was Re: Dia: Why is it so hard to do simple things? dia-list Digest, Vol 89, Issue 7)

At 13.09.2011 16:07, Michael Ross wrote:
I just spent a few hours modeling a test rack in Solidworks.  The roller
button zoom function is exactly like Dia, which is probably why I find it to
be a good system.
Now I would like to know which version of Dia you are referring to.
The behaviour of Dia 0.97.1 and before was considered improveable,
so it got changed by

But significantly the zoom level changes a lot less per
step making it very useful.
The scaling per step also got smaller by the patch above.

I never gave this much thought, but I will set
the cursor off center towards what I want to be centered and I will roll it
back and forth this has the effect of scooting the view towards the center I
am after.
So you can probably easily adapt to the improved behaviour, too ;-)

So then I wonder I can adjust the amount of zoom myself?
Not without compiling Dia yourself. But if you intend to to it look at:
(Also linked in the bug report mentioned above.)
I don't use the
roller button to zoom in Dia as much as I would, and I can't take issue with
Andrey's comment that the diagram quickly is lost if you are not very
Knowing ctrl+E certainly helps. Of course there also it the menu entry View/Best Fit.

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