Re: Non-transparent <textbox> background for custom shapes - possible?

Greetings, Hans Breuer!

HB>   But if you want an opaque textbox with shapes - like the draw background
HB>   option of Standard - Text - that's indeed not possible with resize="no".

:/ That not sounds very good.
Should I add it as an enhancement request to the tracker?
Feel free. However I do not have a good idea yet, how to add this to the
custom shape properties without breaking backward compatibility. The "draw
background" option is already used there to decide about 'normal' filling.

If you ask me, I don't want a separate background color for a textbox.
May be different opacity, if I may.
Given that color and opacity are stored together, that would result in the 
same issue. But maybe just one new property textbox-backgound could be 
added. And the default would be completely transparent.
Thus it would not change the appearance of diagrams not having it.

Well, I think it'd be better to extend Dia shape structure to allow actual
sub-shapes. Then the question would not arise again.

And I don't understand your concerns about backward compatibility. You're
using XML, after all...

<textbox .... fill="yes/no" svg:style="fill-opacity: 192;"/>

would produce desired results in versions supporting the attribute, and would
just draw what it understand on versions that do not.

That was not the point.

Given the fact you mentioned above, I understand that.

If I only have one switch namely "draw background" 
how is it supposed to toggle four possible states?
  - only stroke, no fill
  - stroke and fill
both with or without drawing the text background?

Text labels in Dia don't have stroke, do they? *running to check* No, they don't.
If i'm not mistaken, the intended job of textbox is to provide a shortcut for
a user to label his/her shapes without additional work of placing text labels
on them manually.
So, to me the answer is obvious. Only fill, no stroke.
And I don't think it is need a separate toggle for "draw textbox background",
unless someone could provide a good use case to oppose my opinion.
Either way you take, it must support the svg:style attribute, if we look at
diagram in context of SVG export.

BTW, another issue with custom shape textbox, it's not possible to define
default color value for it's text (I mean, inside Dia - double-clicking the
shape on palette), although you can still change it once the shape is placed.
Seems rather counter-intuitive to me.

Yes, fixed by:

Neat, thanks. Now, to find a way to compile it under windows >.>

An unrelated question, any news on text selection/copying?
Last I've heard, it doesn't work under both Windows and Linux.
(Pasting is apparently functional, although only using Ctrl+V,
ignoring other standard key combination.)

Andrey Repin (anrdaemon freemail ru) 12.09.2011, <05:33>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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