Re: Non-transparent <textbox> background for custom shapes - possible?

Greetings, Hans Breuer!

HB>  But if you want an opaque textbox with shapes - like the draw background
HB>  option of Standard - Text - that's indeed not possible with resize="no".

:/ That not sounds very good.
Should I add it as an enhancement request to the tracker?
Feel free. However I do not have a good idea yet, how to add this to the 
custom shape properties without breaking backward compatibility. The "draw 
background" option is already used there to decide about 'normal' filling.

If you ask me, I don't want a separate background color for a textbox.
May be different opacity, if I may.
And I don't understand your concerns about backward compatibility. You're
using XML, after all...

<textbox .... fill="yes/no" svg:style="fill-opacity: 192;"/>

would produce desired results in versions supporting the attribute, and would
just draw what it understand on versions that do not.

BTW, another issue with custom shape textbox, it's not possible to define
default color value for it's text (I mean, inside Dia - double-clicking the
shape on palette), although you can still change it once the shape is placed.
Seems rather counter-intuitive to me.

Or is there a workaround? Like, can I add a subshape with textbox and
resize=yes to work around a problem?

I don't think so after briefly looking at the source 
(objects/custom/custom_object.c). The user editable text in custom shapes 
is rendered independently of subshapes.

A shape design without <textbox resize="no"/> seems to be the best option, 
but that would probably give you more background than you want ...

Well, yes. I've misunderstood the "subshape" term. After rereading the
relevant part of manual, it became clear that it isn't really a subshape,
rather, an independently resizable part of a shape.

BTW, link to PDF manual at leading to some 10
sheets cut-down nothing-to-read-about 150kb version of the 1.3Mb

Andrey Repin (anrdaemon freemail ru) 10.09.2011, <20:13>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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