Dia: Why is it so hard to do simple things?


just a quick note. I started to use Dia on Windows. As an exercise I tried to create an UML diagram.
After five minutes I had five boxes of different sizes, different font sizes. Nothing can be changed or aligned.
Dia just does something random. Sorry to say that, but after playing an hour with the program I found it only frustrating.

How can I get this diagram to be printed on one page, with equally sized boxes and the same font size? This seems
to be the least thing it should do for all diagram elements. I really like the  specific properties dialog boxes for the different UML types,
where I can edit operations and attributes. But the result is unusable. Please see the attached screenshot.

Or, what am I missing?

First I used "T" to create a title. The title is small, no possibility to make it bigger.
I created a class and a box popped on the screen, so huge, I couldn't even read it. Then I created another class,
and two others. All use different fonts. This is one of these programs where I ask myself: "Are the
programmers really use this themselves?"


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