Re: Graph::ASCII::Dia

On 23/03/06, Lars Clausen <lars raeder dk> wrote:
Because nobody has found it worthwhile enough to make bindings for any
other language.  Dia is in no way, shape or form wedded to python, and
don't let Hans' refusal to provide bindings for other languages give you
that idea.  He made his bindings for his favorite language.  If you want
to make bindings for Perl or Ruby or Java or Fortran or Cobol or
whatever, we're cool with that, and would probably want to include it in
the distribution like the Python plugin is.

If it's likely to get included it might be worth while I really don't
want to have to maintain a fork or hard to add add-on seperately.

That said, Hans and I have not even the time to fix all bugs in the base
code, let alone develop bindings for other languages.  I'd be happy to
answer questions about the Dia structure and workings, though.


I had a quick look at the perl embedding side, the main difficulty
will be mapping all the objects and writing the c code to call perl
that access objects through the perl/c api in order to provide a
working plugin system.

I guess that means splitting into two jobs - first a Perl XS wrapper
for the Dia libraries,  and second a way to call perl that uses that
wrapper from within Dia.

The first involves a lot of digging around Dia, which will be very
time consuming, even if I can use some of the python api as a map, but
in itself won't be HARD, just a lot of work.

The second part will be trickier and that's where I'll be needing help.

Don't expect much any time soon though, I'll wait until at least the
new version is stable, but if anybody else is interested in
collaborating or helping, let me know.


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