Re: Graph::ASCII::Dia

On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 12:37 +0000, Aaron Trevena wrote:
On 19/03/06, Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> wrote:
On 19.03.2006 12:00, Nadim Khemir wrote:
Hi, I need ASCII diagramming; I couldn't find anything so I decided to wrap
one myself :). I 'm writting a perl module to generate ASCII diagrams from

If I would want an ASCII diagram export I'd implement it as a PyDia plug-in
like e.g.

Thats one of the things I find annoying about dia - WTF should I learn
python and rewrite cpan modules just to call a script from dia - lame
lame lame.

Because nobody has found it worthwhile enough to make bindings for any
other language.  Dia is in no way, shape or form wedded to python, and
don't let Hans' refusal to provide bindings for other languages give you
that idea.  He made his bindings for his favorite language.  If you want
to make bindings for Perl or Ruby or Java or Fortran or Cobol or
whatever, we're cool with that, and would probably want to include it in
the distribution like the Python plugin is.

That said, Hans and I have not even the time to fix all bugs in the base
code, let alone develop bindings for other languages.  I'd be happy to
answer questions about the Dia structure and workings, though.


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