Re: Latex PGF plugin

Lars Clausen wrote:

Looks good, but when I try to compile the exported result, it can't find
pscustom.  I don't see any reference to where it should be located.  I
have a dvips that's new enough according to the PGF documentation.

That should be a problem due to a piece of code that remained from the pstricks plugin for image inclusion in the first patch.
Now I deleted it. There is absolutely no \pscustom code in the PGF plugin.

It should be  sufficient to include the tikz package.

I think that's a really bad idea.  It means that all but the most
trivial texts will look strange.  The Right Way, of course, is to make
it selectable, but until then the various TeX-directed exports should at
least agree on enscaping:  See message
OK, I now made a version with escaped text, like in pstricks, but with some latex language fixed.
patch is here:

However I will keep using the unescaped version for myself, since I just want dia to place the latex code at the right coordinates. But I can conceive, that it is better to escape for a release.

Have a look at the results of render-test.dia:
I added all the escaped characters to the test-file as well

Latex compiled with just these additional lines:




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