Re: Latex PGF plugin

Lars Clausen wrote:

So I just checked the samples/render-test.dia
...and found a bug.
Yay, it works!  Thanks go to Hans Breuer for making that file.
I fixed 2 things in the code: arcs were not always drawn correctly, but sometimes "the other way round", I had not noticed that 60°->30° is actually 60°->390° and not 30°->60°. Then I draw arrows twice to be able to combine PGF native arrow tips and dia-rendered ones. Not a beautiful solution, but it does the job nicely and will be more easily compatible with internal changes of dia arrows.

The new patch is here:

Sounds like a question for the PGF list.
Unfortunately that list does not seem very active, but I'll try however. Until then, images can't be included.

If you put it on the TWiki, then hopefully we can find a Master of
Metapost to write something about that.  I'd like to see a master of both
to do some comparision.
Alright, I don't have the time now to get accustomed to the wiki grammar (never written a wiki before) so I just paste here what I wrote into the file.

Implementation choices:

The PGF package is written with the idea in mind that the typesetting software will
(usually) do a better and more beautiful job than the user.

This export filter respects thes and therefore some export features are special:

-text is NOT escaped: (La)TeX will interpret this code.
Therefore text size wil not be consistent and bounding boxes will not work.
When text is inside a box (as for example in the UML modules), the result wil not
be as expected.

-some arrows from the PGF-library are used (latex, stealth and to)
for these arrows, size selection and bounding box won't work

-the rounded corners for polyline-paths are slightly different:
   the radius measure is not the radius of the arc,
   but the length cut off at the angle from each segment of the polyline
however the PGF native corner rounding was implemented, since I observed a discontinuous
line thickness at the interface between the segments and arcs

-Image exporting function
-Implement PGF basic layer throughout
-Implement all the Arrow styles

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