Re: Latex PGF plugin

Alright, I'm slowly getting into it: I'm not really an expert yet in Software development.

I had only tried it with a few samples of my own, I had not found (looked for) a test file.
So I just checked the samples/render-test.dia
...and found a bug.

First, including images is not supported because I did not find any way to include an image inline in the file. One might write the pixel data to an extra file, then include that file. Or render it with an array of coloured rectangles ;)
Any ideas by a true master of PGF?

Then there is a problem with arcs, I have to fix it and i'll send another patch (non-zipped this time) I wrote a short summary of implementation ideas into the comment at the head of render_pgf.c

But I can write a few lines of comparison between pstricks and PGF soon, if you want. I can't tell much/anything about Metapost though.

Lars Clausen wrote:

Since you're now adding the third kind of (La)TeX output, could I prevail
upon you to write something about the differences between the three
methods, perhaps with examples of how samples/render-test.dia looks using
each of them?  I would be totally confused if I was a newbie LaTeX user
faced with this choice.

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