Re: Problems with dia-0.91-pre1

Le Fri, Feb 07, 2003, à 08:51:28PM +0800, Zhang Linbo (?????????) a écrit:

I have just noticed another interesting thing that the hot keys
work well in all dialogue boxes of Dia except in the text fields
of a diagram, so I can use the hot keys to switch the input
context by first clicking, say, on the magnification prompt
(the box at the bottom-left of the window in which the
magnification factor is shown).

So what's missing, basically, is that the code we have in lib/text.c, which
handles text entry, does not handle it as good as the code in gtk's
GtkEntry-derived widgets. This is a good thing to know. Would you mind
recording that at so we don't forget it? (I'm
afraid it would be a bit late for 0.91, but having a bug item and a
workaround documented there is a very good thing to have).

I have also noticed a possible bug in the calculations when
exporting an EPS file. Please see attached diagram which
generates floating point exceptions when exporting to the
EPS format ('nan' numbers in the EPS file).

Huh. NaN in EPS is always nasty. Likewise, please report it as well.

Can you teach me (and generally, us ideogram-impaired people), what does one
have to type using miniChinput (or other popular IMs used in China) to
produce a simple and easily recognisable set of Chinese characters
(at the risk of sounding a bit dense, keystroke by keystroke) ? This would
be very valuable! 

        -- Cyrille


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