Re: Problems with dia-0.91-pre1

在 2003-02-06 四 的 22:41, Lars Clausen 写道:
On 06 Feb 2003, Zhang Linbo wrote:

The settings in file->preferences is only for new diagrams.  The current
diagram can be adjusted in the View right-hand menu.  This may change in
the next version, but not in this.

Thanks for the info. I was silly to mix up 'File->Preferences'
and 'View->Diagram Properties'.

FYI, I just found out that the input method works with Simplified
Chinese, the only problem is dia does not respond to input method
switching hot keys. For example, I can change the focus to another 
application window, switch the input to Chinese mode, then change
the focus back to dia and input Chinese characters.


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