Re: Problems with dia-0.91-pre1

On 06 Feb 2003, Zhang Linbo wrote:
å 2003-02-05 ä ç 22:59ï Lars Clausen åéï
On 05 Feb 2003, Zhang Linbo wrote:
å 2003-02-04 ä ç 04:24ï Lars Clausen åéï
On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Zhang Lin-bo wrote:
I tested dia-0.91-pre1 on my system and I found out the following

1. cmdline arguments are not processed.

Do you have libpopt(-devel) installed?

I have popt-1.7-1.06distributed with rh8.0. It's a combination
of the libpopt and libpopt-devel packages, I think.

I fixed a problem with Gnome-enabled builds and opening diagrams from
the command line yesterday.  Please check if this cures your bug in the
next prerelease (or by compiling CVS).

Yes the cmdline arguments now work well. Here's a list of other minor
problems or suggestions (with dia-CVS-20030205-0824):

Thanks for the feedback!

a) The plug-ins/pixbuf/ is missing.

Forgot to put in CVS, coming in now.

b) The dependency libxml(-devel) >= 2.3.9 in dia.spec causes problem on
RH8.0 (the library is provided in the packages libxml2(-devel)).

Ah, I knew I was going to get something wrong in that one.  I could see the
reqs were out of date, but without an RPM system to test on or feedback to
fix it with I more or less had to guess.

c) The font attributes is now correctly handled. A feature request:
map font names which have changed to corresponding new ones.

There is some effort to map old names to new ones.  The old freetype names,
found from the X font path, should remain the same.  The old built-in names
should be mapped.  Only Gtk2 font names from earlier CVS could have strange
name mappings, and there's little to do about that.

d) 'dia --help' works but 'dia -h' doesn't.

That should be the case at most under Gnome.  In non-Gnome, we have an 'h'
short option given to popt.  For Gnome, we're using what Gnome assigns us
for help.

e) convert messages to the user's (some messages are in raw utf-8

To the users encoding?  The messages shown in dialogs should, by Gtk, all
be presented rightly.  Messages sent to the terminal would not necessarily
display properly if translated into UTF-8.  I guess that could be a

f) Is it better to put dia.1.gz in /usr/share/man/man1 instead of

Dunno; that location is determined by automake.

The only feature missing for me now is the input method for Simplified
Chinese, currently I use text copy/paste for inputting Chinese

Sorry, we can't help you with that one.  We just snarf all the input
methods that Gtk gives us.  As soon as you have a Gtk with Simplified
Chinese input, Dia should use that as well.


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