Re: Problems with dia-0.91-pre1

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003 09:19:06 +0100
Cyrille Chepelov <cyrille chepelov org> wrote:

That may well be true.  There's an Input Methods menu on the diagram menu,
too, which you should be able to assign appropriate hot keys to.

Yep, it would be very interesting to know whether the IM menu works for you
(Zhang Linbo), even without the hot keys. 

In fact, if you could teach us westerners a couple of sequence of keys (am 
I wrong in assuming that Chinese is written using an input method translating 
sequences of Latin characters into the desired result?), such as the one which
produces the "Han" and "Zi" ideograms (which I'm not 100% sure I remember
off-hand, but I'm sure I have a graphic copy somewhere in both simplified
and traditional forms), this would be invaluable for testing that we didn't 
break the IM menu. For the moment, all I could test with IM is that IMified 
Cyrillic input works, and that I can type gibberish in some foreign-looking
scripts (but I have no idea whether it's correct or not with regards to what
I typed)

Hear! Hear!
As an English (only) speaker who has tried to support Chinese (UNICODE)
input in our (propriatary) application, I'd like to have some input(!)
about whether we're doing the Right Thing or not.  (Comparing Dia to my
app would tell me)

I've worked through the GTK (1.2) stuff, and have it talking to 'xcin'.  If
I pound randomly on the keyboard long enough, I can eventually get some
Chinese characters back into my application (Where it is handled by the
ICU UNICODE library)  (and we eventually draw via FreeType)

If anyone is interested, I can track down/summarize the GTK Input Method
calls I'm using...  If I recall, the hardest part was simply figuring it
out.  In the end, I think it was only a couple of calls here and there
(Startup, Enter/Leave events, keypress events, etc)


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