Re: Problems with dia-0.91-pre1

On 06 Feb 2003, Zhang Linbo wrote:
å 2003-02-06 å ç 13:17ï Lars Clausen åéï


Sorry to bother again. I have just noticed another problem:
the changes in 'file->preferences' do not affect the current
diagram, this is annoying because for example, I often need
to toggle the flag 'snap to grid lines', and currently I have
to exit dia and restart it every time I toggle the flag.
(I like more the behaviour of the previous version which
saves the preferences with the diagram). Also it would be
nice if we could select whether changes in the preferences
are local to the current diagram or global.

The settings in file->preferences is only for new diagrams.  The current
diagram can be adjusted in the View right-hand menu.  This may change in
the next version, but not in this.


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