Re: Problems with dia-0.91-pre1

On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Zhang Lin-bo wrote:
I tested dia-0.91-pre1 on my system and I found out the following

1. cmdline arguments are not processed.

Do you have libpopt(-devel) installed?

2. plug-ins/, objects/ not installed by 'make install' (and
   plugins/ gets installed?, is it necessary?)

The binary files from plug-ins and objects are installed in
/usr/local/lib/dia, normally.  The things found in
/usr/local/share/dia/plugins are xsl translation schemas, non-binary data
needed for a plugin.

(Adjust prefix as needed)

3. running /usr/bin/dia (compiled with './configure --prefix=/usr')
   segfaults, running app/ (with paths modified to point
   to '/usr/share/dia/*') is ok.

Ick.  Can you run it in gdb to get an idea what goes wrong?

4. Input method 'X Input Method' does not work with Simplifed Chinese
   on rh8.0 (using miniChinput).

I have no idea about the workings of the input methods.  They are all
implemented by GTK.

5. Text color is always black in the EPS output, and text font
   attributes other than fontsize have no effect.

I see the missing text color, but the font attributes are there.

My system is RH8.0 with locale set to Simplified Chinese, and the
following updated packages:


The configure options are '--prefix=/usr --enable-gnome'.

I'll have to try the gnome version.

I also noticed the RPM problem with the '-pre1' string and
I have solved it by moving '-pre1' to the 'Release' field.

That's good to know, we'll use that in the future.


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