Re: UML Class Connection Point PATCH against CVS

Le Thu, Jun 27, 2002, à 11:10:39AM -0700, Tim Ellis a écrit:

Okay. Forgot to change the UMLClass structure. It still had hardcoded 8
connection points. Sorry I haven't been able to update my system to get
the CVS to autogen, so I still can't test, but I'm 99% sure that this
attached patch will work.

Try to use a snapshot, an use the bundled ./configure rather than autogen.

This patch indeed works. However, the effect is that you can't control how
the connection points are spaced. Wouldn't it be better to allow a variable
number of points (like, for instance, "SADT - Box" -- try to middle click on
one of the edges) ?

I'm still undecided; either going to a full connpoint_line or your patch
should go in shortly. The only problem I see with including your patch is:
should we go afterwards to connpoint_line, how do we handle the conversion
(the cpl should then default to 1 point for pre-patch, and 7 points for
post-patch. Might be a leeetle tricky to handle, so going CPL right away
would be better. I'm ready to help you on this, of course).

        -- Cyrille


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