Re: UML Class Connection Point PATCH against CVS

On Fri, 28 Jun 2002 07:46:50 +0200
Cyrille Chepelov <cyrille chepelov org> wrote:

Try to use a snapshot, an use the bundled ./configure rather than

Aha! Snapshots have configure already!!! I'll do that.

This patch indeed works. However, the effect is that you can't control
how the connection points are spaced. Wouldn't it be better to allow a
variable number of points (like, for instance, "SADT - Box" -- try to
middle click on one of the edges) ?

So instead of Obj1 knowing it's connected to Obj2 at connection point
nr.3, it knows it's connected at a connection point nr.X from the

I guess I'm confused about a general algorithm for keeping the objects
connected to each other in a sensible fashion when connection point nr's

In any case, my patch replaces the ambiguous "8" with
"UMLCLASS_CONNECTIONPOINTS" which is a bit less ambiguous. If you apply
this patch as is, it'll be a lot easier to modify the Class object in the

I'm still undecided; either going to a full connpoint_line

I guess I don't know what a connpoint_line is... :(

should go in shortly. The only problem I see with including your patch
is: should we go afterwards to connpoint_line, how do we handle the
conversion(the cpl should then default to 1 point for pre-patch, and 7
points for post-patch.

I think I could hack together a Perl script in pretty short order that
would allow you to pass it 1 or 7 and it'd convert accordingly. Perl groks
XML like you wouldn't believe (all bow down and praise XML::DOM). The end
user would only need to know if she's upgrading her diagrams from 0.95 (or
whatever version gets this patch) or from <=0.90.

Oh... I just noted the Dia savefile doesn't have a 'version' attribute on
dia:diagram, so it'd be a little tough for a script to automagically know
what version Dia created the diagram... I was imagining a Perl script that
just automagically determined the Right Thing To Do.

Might be a leeetle tricky to handle, so going CPL
right away would be better. I'm ready to help you on this, of course

...okay? I guess if I'm going to hack in cpl, I'd love to know where I can
see some working code with connpoint_line -- is this SADT - Box thing a
good start? I'll wander off to a CVS snapshot and check it out.

I'll warn you, I'm not a C hacker, as you've probably already surmised.
I'm a Database Administrator, and this idea hacking dynamic numbers of
connection points in C is making me jittery... :)

Tim Ellis
DBA, Gamet

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